Designing For High Current / High Power PCB Applications

Current and power consumption are becoming critical design bottlenecks especially for modern industrial applications. High current and high-power designs lend themselves to temperature spikes which can cause significant issue if not addressed early in the design phase. These issues are exacerbated with more and more applications “cutting the cord” and opting for battery operation making efficient power consumption another critical design factor. Fortunately, companies like STMicroelectronics and Cadence are working to provide the tools and components needed to meet these challenges. Join this webinar to see an example of how you can effectively model and optimize a brushless motor controller design to ensure safe and efficient power delivery. 

What You Will Learn:

  • Common challenges associated with high power / high current designs
  • Intro into ST power management solutions and their STDRIVE101 low voltage gate driver
  • How ST used simulation to analyze and optimize the design of their EVALSTDRIVE101 reference design for thermally aware operation achieving best system performance in a short timeframe
  • Review of correlation between simulated results and actual measurements to ensure what you simulate is what you build
  • Demonstration of how you can leverage the same flow for your high power / high current designs

March 8th, 2023
4:00am ET / 10:00am CET
2:00pm ET / 8:00pm CET

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Meet the Speakers

Jerry Long

Application Engineer, EMA Design Automation

Jerry is a Senior Applications Engineer for EMA Design Automation. Jerry provides high-end customer support for several Cadence products, as well as product development and technical marketing guidance for the TimingDesigner product. With a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, Jerry has been involved in several product lines involving verification and timing analysis.

Enrico Poli

Application Manager, STMicroelectronics 

Enrico Poli holds a Master of Science degree in electronic engineering from the Polytechnic of Milan. He is Application Manager in the Industrial and Power Conversion division, and he has been working in ST since 2006 as expert in electric motor control.

Dirk Linnenbrügger

Application Engineer, FlowCAD

Dirk Linnenbrügger studied electrical engineering at University of Paderborn, Germany, with focus on communications engineering and high frequency technology. 

Before joining FlowCAD, he spent over 15 years as a high-speed PCB design expert in the computer industry and as a project manager in hardware development in various industries. Dirk has a profound knowledge in the use of various software products from the EDA environment, covering signal and power integrity as well as thermal-aware electronics applications.

Today Dirk is talking about electrical-thermal co-simulations that allows the designer of high-power applications to perform accurate analysis of the system's behavior to improve its performance and reliability.

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