Integrated Intelligent Reference Designs - Accelerating Time to Market with Maxim

Sometimes, a designer needs to pivot into a new application area and start designing unfamiliar systems, or need to meet quicker time to market requirements than they’re used to. Maxim’s Intelligent Reference Designs from Ultra Librarian and Cadence provide the perfect starting point to get the job done quickly and accurately. 

Join us to learn how Maxim, Ultra Librarian, and Cadence efficiently work together to help you accelerate your next project with intelligent reference designs while decreasing development risks featuring direct integrations to Digi-Key for streamlined BOM purchasing.

What you will learn:

  • How to access reference design libraries from Maxim, Ultra Librarian and Cadence
  • Preview and download designs in preferred formats
  • Verify reference designs and incorporate own IP
  • Download components and purchase-ready BOMs
  • Streamline BOM purchasing with Digi-Key integrations
  • Test the design through prototyping using Cadence tools
  • Discover Maxim’s MAXREFDES103 Health Sensor Platform and how the partnership with Ultra Librarian and Cadence speeds up your time-to-market 
Integrated Intelligent Reference Designs - Accelerating Time to Market with Maxim
March 4th, 2021 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

About your Presenters

Andrew Burt

Andrew Burt is an executive business manager at Maxim Integrated, where he focuses on business development for the company’s healthcare sensors, optical modules, and algorithms and also helps define new sensors that will be part of future wellness and disease management solutions. He attended Oxford Brookes University, where he studied electrical and electronic engineering.

Shannon Henry

Shannon Henry is an Electrical Engineer from Rochester Institute of Technology and has been with EMA as a Technical Marketing Engineer since 2017. At EMA, she specializes in educating users on the features and capabilities included in Cadence and EMA technology through tutorials and videos to enhance their ECAD designs. 

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